CH340 – T

Product Description


State-of-the-art digital door lock with simple, modern design and touch screen panel!  It is easy and convenient to open or close the door using a touch key/RF card.



  • With simple and modern touch screen pad design
  • Can input a 3-19 digit password
  • Automatic or manual setting
  • Double locking function
  • Automatic lock function when digital door lock detects a temperature of approx. 60℃ through a built-in fire sensor
  • Built-in circuit to prevent high voltage
  • Warning lamp that indicates the cause of malfunction in order to solve the problem immediately
  • Function that prevents disclosure of passwords
External notification (self-diagnosis)
Imaginary embedded systems 
Built-in sensors detect fire
High-voltage electric shock protection circuit built-in
 Model NameCH340 - T
Password 3-19 digits
Touch key registrationsWithin 50 (touch keys, card / key tag applies to models)
Door Thickness 35 ~ 50 mm
DimensionsSize of the outer body 64 (W) X 165 (H) X 18 (D) mm
Size of the inner body162.3 (W) X 93.2 (H) X 36 (D) mm
MaterialThe outer body AL, ZN, PC
Inside the bodyAL, ZN, ABS
Surface treatment 3 of the metallic coating treatment
PowerPower6V (4 Alkaline batteries 1.5VX, AA SIZE)
Emergency power (regardless of polarity)Square 9V alkaline battery (not included)