Decorative wall covering sheets – Decola

What is Decorative wall covering sheets?

Decola is a multi-purpose decorative panel collection made with eco-friendly materials like silica powder, mud powder, jade powder and fabric.

Specialties of DECOLA:

Economic feasibility Higher qualities than Leather Fabric but Lower Cost
Durable and Wallpaper type
Luxurious look of 3 dimensional decorations at Low Cost
Superior anti-contamination compared to Wallpaper
Easy Construction Easy construction to do 4 edge oblique angle finishing (automatic edge)
Construction using nailer / ecofriendly bond
Differentiated Design High quality diverse design
Upgraded new product with new concept 3D design


Name of the application : (office, exterior, interior, flooring, kitchen)

  • Panelling
  • Interior Decoration
  • Ceilings
  • Doors Panelling
  • Lift Car
  • Furniture Cladding
  • TV Wall Unit
  • Wall Finishing
  • Art Wall
  • Wall Cladding

[etable] SIZE,THICKNESS 8 x 4 ft,4.5 mm 8 x 2 ft,4.5 mm IVY Panel : 350 x 800 mm (1 Box - 9 pieces), [/etable] [etable] SPECIFICATION DETAILS,VALUE Production Method,Continuous casting ISO 9002,Yes ISO 14001,Yes Water absorption coef.,0.03% (24hrs) 1/2" Sheets Hardness Test,92 Rockell M scale [/etable]