Wireless Door Sensor


IP Alarm’s door/window sensor is an intelligent switch, which you attach to the doors and windows or other places in your home where you want control or an alarm in the event of a break-in.

LED Diode

The sensor is fitted with a discreet diode, which glows when the switch is communicating with the IP Alarm system.


Avoid drilling holes in your doors and windows. Both parts of the sensor should be appliedwith a little piece of special tape, which is included in the package.


The intelligent part of the sensor is fitted with a small battery, which you can change easily. No tools needed. Just press the little tab on the side of the plastic hood, and open the housing. After the battery is changed, the parts clicks together easily and you are ready for another 1-2 years of running time. IP Alarm will notify when the batteries need changing.


The range of IP Alarm’s door/window sensor is ca. 300m in open country, but that number is not practically applicable. Depending on the walls, materials, etc., the range will vary.
To improve the signal, you can try either moving the sensor or perhaps moving the scanner. If neither of these options has any effect, you can extend the range by installing an IP Alarm signal extender.

Power source:1 battery 12V type: NM27
Life span, battery:1-2 years
Surrounding temperature:0°C - + 40°C