Gas Sensor


 IP Alarm’s gas detector is an electrochemical sensor, which sounds the alarm if your gas boiler or stove is leaky.

The unit is in direct contact with IP Alarm and can therefore be seen online. The sensor reacts to LPG as well as natural gas (LNG). In this way, you can keep an eye on your gas boiler and stove if you use gas for cooking or heating purposes.


  • The range of the gas detector is ca 100 m in open country. Of course, that number is not practically applicable, as the range vary according to how many walls there are in the house and the materials of them.
  • To improve the signal, you can try either moving the sensor or perhaps moving the scanner. If neither of these options has any effect, you can extend the range by installing an IP Alarm signal extender.
Gas concentrationLNG: 0.1~0.5%
Gas concentrationLPG: 0.05~0.3%
Power usageMax 2W
Sizr70x40x115 mm