Wireless Motion Sensor


IP Alarm’s motion detector is what many call a PIR sensor (Passive Infrared) or PID sensor (Passive Infrared Detector).

In daily use, a motion sensor is one of the most important components in the surveillance of your home against break-ins. It is best placed in areas where you expect a thief to pass.

A little diode shows when the sensor is communicating with IP Alarm. All communication is done via the wireless technology, which the scanner and sensor utilize. You can see the sensor communicating when the light is on.

Energy Saving Function

IP Alarm’s motion sensor is designed to work for up to 2 years on the same batteries. One of the tricks IP Alarm uses is that it detects less when you are home. This means that the sensor will typically only sweep things every 5 minutes. Should a thief pass the motion sensor it will of course react immediately.Therefore, if you ‘play’ with the sensor, you should know that there are a delay of up to 5minsbetween every reaction.


IP Alarm’s motion detector is immune to smaller pets.The immunity covers pets smaller than ca 18kg and lower than 60cm.

Angle of coverage:110°
Immunity:Up to 18 kg, 60cm tall
Effective Distance:Max. 12 m at 25°C
Power source:1 pc 9V alkaline batteries
Height of installation:2-3 meters
Surrounding temperature:-20°C - +50°C
Maximum humidity:95%RF
• This unit is for indoor use only.