Prima Wood Plank

What is Prima Wood Plank?

PRIMAplank™ is becoming popular among house owners and specifiers when it comes to the refreshing’ Natural Timber Look’ with a relatively low maintenance. PRIMAplank™ satisfies the vast array of building configurations and designs, especially when applied as aesthetic cladding, gable end cladding, wall cladding, fascia board, decorative gate and fencing, eaves linings and screening strip it will neither wrap nor become twisted when exposed to weather and meet the durability and serviceability life of minimum 50 years. It is the ideal wood substitute.


1.  Fire Resistant

  • Class O confirmed to Uniform Building By-Law (UBBL)

2. Durable

  • 50 years durability
  • Resistant to termite and rodent attack
  • Resistant to most chemical
  • Weather resistant
  • Water resistant

3.  Environment Friendly

  • Asbestos-Free
  • Certified to SIRIM ECO-labelling claim
    • Pesticide free
    • Non hazardous
    • Renewable resources
    • Recycled materials

4.  High Workability
5.  Superior Paint Adhesive
6.  Aesthetically Pleasing
7.  Low Maintenance


  1. External Wall Cladding
  2. Gable End Cladding
  3. Fascia Board
  4. Eaves Linings
  5. Gate and Fencing
  6. Screening
  7. Skirting & cornice steps


Standard Sizes and mass
Approximate masses at Equilibrium Moisture Content of 7% at temperature of 27C + 2C and relative humidity of 65% to 95% are:-

Cedar 7.33 thick – 209 x 3660mm
Pine Wood 7.5mm thick – 230 x 3660mm

Production Method autoclaved cellulose reinforced fibre cement plank
ISO 9001 Yes
ISO 14001 Yes