Wireless Remote


IP Alarm remote is the simple solution for children and others who need an easy and uncomplicated way to turn the security system on and off.

The remote control is fitted with a little diode which lights up when it transmits a signal.


IP Alarm’s remote has 4 buttons, which can be used separately.


– Disarming the burglary alarm or disconnecting in the event of an alarm. – Disconnect the burglary alarm.
– Disconnect the home security mode.
– Stop an alarm where the sirens sound off.


Arm the system
Connect the burglary alarm.


Connecting the home security, secures the doors and windows in the system whilst your motion sensors stays inactive so you can stay in the house without the alarm sounding.


Use this button, to activate the panic alarm. The system will send an alarm notice to those who you have included in your security service.


The range of your remote control is ca. 100m in open country, however, this number is not practically applicable. Depending on the number of walls, materials, etc., the range will vary

To improve the signal, you can try either moving the sensor or perhaps moving the scanner.

If neither of these options has any effect, you can extend the range by installing anIP Alarm’s signal extender.

Tip!: Rename the device to organize all devices and their positions.

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